European Parliament has temporarily moved to Obertshausen!

The European Parliament has changed its headquarter as well as its Members! Relax, just as a project activity. Youth from eight European countries (Bulgaria, France, Romania, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, and Croatia) gathered in Oberhausen, Germany from for one week to gain knowledge about the functioning of the European Union. Another aim was to empower people to take an active part in the EU.

As part of the Erasmus+ program, this project seeks to promote belonging to the European Union as a community of active citizens. During the seven-day training, young people gained knowledge about the functioning of the European Union, its institutions and had the opportunity to discuss and develop constructive ideas for the future development of united Europe. The current EU problems and the dangers to its survival were discussed, and new ideas on how to deal with it were brought on the table.

For one day, the project participants had the opportunity to become politicians and represent the interests of their country and community in the modeling of the European Parliament. This way, they could see first-hand the complexity of decision-making in the European Parliament and the importance of those decisions for the European Union, as well as for each of its members.

By participating in projects like this, the Brodoto team gains new knowledge and skills in various fields. By sharing international experience and learning about the situation in other countries, Brodoto learns from the mistakes of other countries, but also collects good practice examples that can use as an inspiration for its own projects. Erasmus+ projects are a unique opportunity to create new partnerships and to expand the network for future collaboration. Being part of this project enabled the Brodoto team to find partners from France, Romania, and Estonia with whom we are already preparing future projects, which we will inform you about soon!

Written on:

December 13, 2019