Promoting the eco-friendly webshop

How do you feel about purchasing cheese, blackberries, milk, jam, oil, wine, hazelnuts, and other eco products from the same webshop? Yep, we like that idea too!

We were so excited to work on the webshop promotion which offers products from local farming, as well as handmade creations. This webshop is a project made by Cooperative for Ethical Financing with the aim of uniting the skills of their members and changing the economic heading of Croatian society. Thus, the webshop is a perfect channel to connect local farmers and customers who want to buy locally grown ingredients.

This webshop is the first one in Croatia that promotes short food supply chain. A food supply chain can be defined as "short" when it is characterized by short distance or few intermediaries between producers and consumers. This model is used in order to strengthen the economy and support persistence of small and craft enterprises and agriculture farms.

The webshop also offers a possibility to pay for the products in cryptocurrencies via the PayCek platform. Furthermore, Cooperative for Ethical Financing is about to establish the first Croatian local cooperative currency - ZEF kuna

“We wanted to introduce innovations into our business, something that will differentiate us from others. Still, we wanted to continue with our policy based on unity and positive social changes. According to audience feedback, I think we were on the right track by developing the webshop!” - said Iva Kvakić, the leading project manager.  

Brodoto’s role was to promote the webshop to the general public by creating social media posts and visuals. The aim was to present a new online platform and to encourage people to order products via the webshop. Accordingly, we used Facebook and Instagram as promotion channels. The diversity of the assortment made our job a lot easier! 

Social media communication was primarily focused on eco-friendly users. We showed them the webshop benefits, presented members' products and announced the further expansion of the assortment!

Due to the growing trend of sustainability, ecological awareness, and healthy nutrition, the result was achieved and the community quickly recognized the importance of this project. That's how the first wave of webshop orders started, and we are sure it will grow with time and further project development!

And why is this project particularly important to us? Aside from the fact that Brodoto loves and chooses to work only on projects focused on positive changes and innovations, our partner Cooperative for Ethical Financing always puts people before their profits. That combination makes us proud to be a part of this project!

Written on:

August 9, 2019