Best Nonprofit Campaigns

Challenge: Civil organizations often lack the knowledge for successful communication campaigns

Process: In the spring of 2017, Brodoto organized the first panel on effective communication of civil society organizations. The 'Watch You Talk About Change' panel brings together people from the nonprofit sector for the exchange of knowledge and experience, and through discussions on important topics to raise the visibility of civil society organizations. We spoke with experts from the civil and PR sectors: Marina Skrabalo, director of Solidarity Human Rights and Solidarity Foundation, Tina Nuic of Rizol Media, Milena Zajovic of Are You Syrious and Daria Cherepink of North University. With the advice of PR experts and the activist experience of our interviewees, we have opened several interesting topics about public action, problems and opportunities to work on social change, and the problem of ideological divisions and passivity of citizens. Starting from the common experience of most activists and workers of the so-called of the third sector, the main question we wanted to answer was: "Why is civil society bringing together mostly the same people and how to change it?"

Solution: The panel was organized once a month, with topics such as communication with the public and the media, campaigning, crowdfunding and alternative sources of funding, and social entrepreneurship.