Bring Water for Life

The Bring Water For Life crowdfunding campaign for a solar water pump in Indonesia brought the spirit of gotong royong – traditional Indonesian concept of cooperation and communal work – to the digital world.

Crowdfunding education and support

After the Global Crowdfunding Academy education in Istanbul, UNDP launched the Bring Water For Life campaign. The campaign aimed to ensure consistent access to clean water for inhabitants of Napu village in Eastern Sumba, Indonesia. Since UNDP Indonesia learned how to plan a crowdfunding campaign in the Crowdfunding Academy program, we acted as a consultant during later campaign implementation. Our team helped shape the story and provided continuous support during all communication activities.

The First Crowdfunding Campaign on Kitabisa Platform

One of the biggest challenges was implementing it using the completely new Kitabisa crowdfunding platform. Until then, the Crowdfunding Academy team had only used the Indiegogo platform for its campaigns. There is not much difference between the two platforms, although Kitabisa is primarily a crowdfunding platform aimed at the local community in Indonesia. Therefore, we encouraged choosing Kitabisa, as the campaign targeted the local community. Besides that, it was completely adapted to transaction options familiar to the community, so choosing this platform facilitated the backing process. Finally, the project raised over $27,000 from backers all over the world, which made the campaign Bring Water for Life the first successful campaign to come out of the Global Crowdfunding Academy.