Brlog Brewery

What do cooperatives, women and beer have in common? Brlog Cooperative Brewery! Ana and Maja, a charming duo from Croatian coastal city Zadar, lacking the professional brewing equipment, were producing beer on their own using whatever scraps they found. Thanks to their successful crowdfunding campaign, that is now history.

"We launched the campaign - now what?"

With the idea to crowdfund Brlog, Ana and Maja enrolled in the first Crowdfunding Academy education and won us over with their positive energy. Besides the interesting idea, they were more than ready to get busy and create a serious crowdfunding story. After a few months of preparation, the campaign was launched in spring 2016. We often laugh remembering the beginning of the campaign, when Ana and Maja called a member of our team straight after the campaign launched and asked in panic "We launched the campaign - now what?". It soon turned out that there was no need for panicking. The campaign became a success in its first days and received great support and attention from the public.

The unexpected benefits of crowdfunding campaigns

Since the ladies were quick to learn the ropes of crowdfunding, we acted as the consultant, facilitating the technical aspect of the campaign production and public relations. The campaign finished successfully reaching the intended amount, which brought 2 fermentators, 7000 bottles and labels, and 350 beer crates. There was more success to come. The great media outreach meant free promotion for Brlog Brewery, and the orders for beer keep arriving from all over the country. Besides that, the Brlog team got a place for their brewery in Zadar and since then has been relentlessly working on developing their business. Cheers!