Brodo Stories #1: Think How You Talk 'Change'

We entered spring with a public discussion ‘Think How You Talk Change’ with visitors from various nonprofit organisations and initiatives. We discussed how NGO’s could spread their message, values and informations about their work to a broader audience.

Spreading the Word About Social Change

We invited guest speakers — professionals from the NGO and PR sector: Marina Škrabalo from the Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity, Tin Nuić from Rizol media, Milena Zajović from ‘Are You Syrious’ and Darijo Čerepinko from the University North. With advice from our PR professionals and the activist experience of our speakers we opened numerous interesting topics such as taking public action, the issues and opportunities of working for social change and the issue of a divided and passive society. Taking from the common experience of most activist and third sector workers, the main question we set out to answer was — why do civil society organisations usually ‘preach to the choir’ and how can we change this?

A Forum for Nongovernmental Organizations

It was the first in a series of Brodoto’s lectures aimed at inviting NGO workers to exchange their knowledge and experience and to speak about important topics relevant for improving the visibility of nonprofits. The panel was organized once a month, with topics such as communication with the public and the media, campaigning, crowdfunding, alternative sources of funding, and social entrepreneurship.