Cooltour - Millenials for Cultural Heritage

Are you a millennial looking for a fresh and exciting way to engage with cultural heritage? Are you a professional in the field of culture, heritage, archeology or similar, seeking to connect with younger generations and incorporate new technology into your work?

Introducing COOLTOUR - a new initiative that connects young people with heritage sites and professionals, while encouraging dialogue and interaction between them.


Our innovative digital platform allows you to create and share content related to the historical or modern heritage sites involved in the project, including vlogs, blogs, heritage-inspired emoticons and routes. It is designed to promote the active involvement of millennials in cultural heritage and to collect their input for the creation of content and storytelling related to cultural heritage - paving a way to mapping new forms of cultural heritage. 

We are also creating a methodology aimed at helping managers of heritage and archaeological sites understand the importance of using technology, co-designing processes, and innovative participatory approaches to engage with younger generations. This methodology is intended to help these managers create a dialogue with young people and to encourage their participation in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. 


Join COOLTOUR, help to preserve and promote cultural heritage for future generations.

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