Eco-Social Entrepreneurship Among Teens

CEDRA Split, cluster for eco-social innovations and development, asked us to help them spread the word and motivate high-schoolers in Split-Dalmatia County to apply for their eco-social entrepreneurship education program. Huh - not an easy task! Explaining the term eco-social entrepreneurship, as well as reaching one of the most demanding target audiences - teens - made us think a lot about promotional tools we’d use.

The first day of young social entrepreneurs

We used a simple solution and based most of our campaign strategy on the communication through social media, as they catch most of the teenage audience attention. The strategy also included offline events, such as public presentations of the project in schools and organisation of the first Day of Young Social Entrepreneurs in that region.

Reaching teens through social media

We’ve started a Facebook page “Smjer: društveni poduzetnik” and used diverse content to inform teens from the targeted region about the concept of social entrepreneurship. After two months, we’ve used paid ads to motivate them to apply for the educational program conducted by CEDRA Split. Taking into consideration the goal was to have 120 applications, the campaign turned out to be a success, as more than 180 applications were received!