Workshops for entrepreneurs and business support institutions (Slavonski Brod Development Agency)

Challenge: Business support institutions (BSS) are faced with the challenge of creating entrepreneurial support programs and improving their capacities concerning the implementation of existing programs. On the other hand, startup entrepreneurs need a range of tools to successfully form an entrepreneurial initiative, achieve financial and commercial sustainability and adequately present the project both in public and in front of potential investors.

Process: Through six workshops we conducted comprehensive training for both target groups - Crowdfunding Academy for Entrepreneurs (to present them with a new (alternative) way of financing projects), Marketing (the importance of properly and effectively communicating information through marketing), social networking (the importance of proper and effective communication of information through social networks and communication with users), branding (the importance of creating a project or business identity and its successful presentation on the market), media relations (advantages and optimal ways to gain journalistic attention and space in the media), programs and management processes coworking spaces (training on coworking mode with specific practice examples to help participants decide if this is the direction they would use for their own business).

Solution: Over 100 participants were made aware through the training modules of the existence of alternative financing models, we have taught entrepreneurs about campaigning and communication with different target groups to promote their projects and initiatives. They learned about coworking, good practice examples in the region, how to create co-working space, values and trends, and managing co-working space for entrepreneurial support institutions. Through the pieces of training, entrepreneurs have acquired the knowledge necessary to create a brand from their own business or project, and have learned about the brand-building process as well as the rebranding process and, when needed, they have acquired the knowledge necessary to create and execute a business marketing strategy. They gained the knowledge necessary for running social networks, including writing posts, creating visuals, communicating with users, dealing with crises and trends on different social networks, and the knowledge necessary for implementing high-quality media campaigns. They learned how to write a press release and got acquainted with various rules and tricks in communicating with the media.