Fabula Organic Pencil

Fabula is a unique pencil, created from used tea leaves and coffee grounds from cafes, together with flower petals discarded by florists. Thanks to that, Fabula’s shavings can be used to enrich the plants in the environment, while Fabula’s stub can be activated in water to plant goji berry, golden Inca berry or a paulownia tree.

More than 200 backers from Croatia and the world

The idea about Fabula emerged from Varaždin, and we first encountered it in our Crowdfunding Academy education in 2015. Team Fabula was one of the education participants, who came to learn how to crowdfund their new pencil production machine. After the education was finished, the team worked on the campaign for four months, which involved redesigning and rebranding, pitch video preparation, social media, communication plan, finding first backers and preparation of offline activities. Finally, the thorough preparation helped attract more than 200 campaign backers from Croatia and all over the world.

From successful financing to promotion

The Crowdfunding Academy team was involved with the Fabula campaign plan from the beginning, and assisted with the technical aspect of the realization and communication activities during its implementation. The campaign has successfully secured the production machine and product promotion in Croatia and beyond.