More Than Reliable Education (MORE)

Between 2022 and 2024, we are partnering on an Erasmus+ KA2 project where we support youth centres & youth workers by responding to the issues they have encountered during the COVID-19 & provide them with tools enhancing their ability to effectively work with youth & in the communities.

Who said that a lockdown must be a shutdown?

MORE project unites four NGOs, youth centres & enterprises that collaborated: Association Active Youth (Lithuania), Europejskie Centrum Mlodziezy (Poland), Predict CSD Consulting (Romania) & Brodoto (Croatia) and we strive to provide as many sources as possible that the youth workers could be able to continue working in their specialization, enhance key competencies & educate youth for the future. MORE aims to provide youth centres and youth workers with tools, enhancing their ability to effectively work with youth & in the communities (under any circumstances).

What are our objectives?

- Develop an educational program for YWs, which would allow them to build up relevant competencies/skills required for the changing status quo (i.e. in education, training, digital skills, etc);
- Develop a more professional & innovative method of practical learning that is linked to active participation at youth work;
- Promote the mindset of global access to free education as well as opportunities & ways for youth workers (& youth) to develop (e.g. with the help of Erasmus+);
- Establish a global online network among YWs that would enable learning from each other. Reaching these objectives should improve youth work by not only responding to any possible future lockdowns (or other emergencies), but also providing skills and support that would be relevant in both online and offline working contexts.

What do we plan to produce?

- MORE Specialized Education – loads of online courses on the popular Udemy targeted directly at youth workers based on their needs to enhance the development of skills and competences;
- MORE Knowledge to Practise – a practical & non-formal learning handbook;
- MORE Diverse – an online platform for versatile learning;
- MORE Insights – informational/inspiring online magazines;
- MORE from Youth Workers – webinars for sharing expertise & good practices
- MORE Guidance – an online platform enabling mentoring-based communication between YWs & professionals in the fields.


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