Podcasts with impact entrepreneurs!

The first three podcasts were recorded as part of the Learning Together project, in collaboration with our partners from Graz, Social Business Hub Styria.

This series focuses on social entrepreneurship and how we address social and environmental challenges of our time through entrepreneurial solutions. Naturally, this is done through engaging conversations with our fellow citizens who are making a positive impact in their communities through entrepreneurial ventures.

Podcast #1
In the first joint podcast, we are joined by Kirsten Tangemann and Rudi Wetzl-Piewald from Social Business Hub Styria, experts from the competence center for sustainable business. Therefore, this podcast is in English.

After a brief introduction to the project, we feature the real stars of the podcast: Maria Holzlechner from NOBS Clothing and Domagoj Boljar from Earthbound (formerly Miret). Both are involved in sustainable and high-quality footwear and clothing, have experience in crowdfunding, and are excellent examples of best practices. NO Bullshit Clothing has developed an innovative on-demand clothing production concept, which minimizes storage and transport, avoids the widespread use of insecticides in conventional cotton farming, eliminates hazardous wastewater from textile processing, reduces CO2 emissions during production, and prevents microplastic emissions into the aquatic environment. Domagoj, a recipient of many international awards such as the Global Footwear Award and IDA Design Awards, leads the first Croatian company with a B Corp certification. Earthbound also produced the world's first sneakers with an Oeko-Tex® certification, proving they are truly 97% natural and free from any chemicals harmful to human health.

You can listen to it here: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify.

Podcast #2
In the second podcast, we do not feature a social entrepreneur, but rather someone who helps social entrepreneurs develop their businesses and become sustainable. Our guest is Jelena Pavlović from ACT Group,  pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Croatia. From punk beginnings and activism, through the founding of numerous social enterprises and cooperatives such as the Humana Nova Social Cooperative, ACT Printlab, ACT Konto, the Home Assistance Center of Međimurje County, and the Domaći Vrt Social Agricultural Cooperative, to support programs for social entrepreneurs like "Pokreni nešto svoje" ("Start your own thing"), ACT relentlessly continues to pave the way for impact entrepreneurship in Croatia, the region, and beyond. The conversation is led by Vendi Keserica.

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Podcast #3
Another brave woman sat down at our microphone - Simona Augustinčić, the founder of Arya Intimates, a wonderful company that produces a line of lingerie for women after mastectomy. Simona is the only one in our region offering such products, fulfilling a great need for women in very vulnerable situations. Arya Intimates not only solves the problem in terms of orthopedically acceptable lingerie but also creates support for women in difficult times, enabling them to cope better in vulnerable circumstances and feel comfortable in their bodies again. Listen to the inspiring story of how an exceptional entrepreneurial initiative emerged from a battle with cancer.

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