Social impact Erasmus+ Project

With youth unemployment running high in all countries from which partnering organisations come from, young people find it difficult to find a good job. Instead, we believe they should create their own. And help the society along the way.

Brodoto wanted to support this and in September 2019 we implemented the Social Impact Project (ID: 2019-1-HR01-KA105-060714) under Erasmus+ programme. The aim was to improve the level of youth workers' knowledge and practical skills about social entrepreneurship as a relatively new type of business. Through this project, youth workers from Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Croatia have learned not only how to start up a socially or ecologically responsible business but also how to support young people in setting up a social enterprise! 

Youth work in social entrepreneurship has immense importance both in the popularisation of socially and ecologically responsible ideas and in its practical implementation. Therefore, participants did get additional training on how to teach and implement socially innovative and responsible ideas into businesses. We did it by passing our experience and skills to people already are, or at least want to be social entrepreneurs. A very important goal that we also achieved is the exchange of ideas and experiences between partner organisations. We also learned a lot and got some amazing ideas for the development of new social projects.

This project has two babies. 

The first one is the Publication about social entrepreneurship. It contains general info about the sector, means of measurement of social & ecological impact and a map of best practice examples from partnering countries. If you are interested in changing the world through business, don’t know a lot about the topic & want to scratch the surface (at least), this is for you!

For a bit more experienced lot, the Methodology for social entrepreneurship workshops with detailed explanations and guidelines on how to implement similar projects. Basically, all the sessions from Social Impact Project are here, explained. Feel free to download it and use it on your own!