Social Impact Project 3.0

From September 17 to 24, 2023, we participated in the third iteration of our Erasmus+ training for youth workers, this time organized by our partner Abarka ONG from the beautiful Basque region, in the small town of Hondarribia. The project partners included organizations from Portugal, Moldova, Latvia, Croatia, Italy, and Spain, and involved 30 young people, youth workers, and entrepreneurs.

Branimir from Brodoto took on the role of trainer and guided the participants through the development of fictional companies that address specific social or environmental problems in their communities. Participants first identified the issues troubling their local communities, and then, using tools like the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Theory of Change, they developed their ideas. They also learned how to measure their impact, develop communication and marketing strategies, explore impact financing methods, consider funding for their ideas, identify their business partners, and understand various types of leadership. This was supplemented with numerous examples of successful social enterprises that they had to research in advance and that the trainers presented.

As a result, each participant left the project with a Business Model Canvas for their country.

This comprehensive training program was designed to equip youth workers with an understanding of creating and managing projects with social impact. Branimir's role as a trainer in this project demonstrates our commitment to enhancing youth work and social impact. It is expected that this project will enrich a new generation with the skills needed to foster social change and empower young people for a better and more entrepreneurial future.

More about the project: Infopack.