Solar Retro Sailboat

When the amazing Balkan musician Rambo Amadeus asked us to help him fund his solar sailboat, we simply couldn’t refuse. The story of Rambo's great passion for sailing, together with his interest in environmental preservation and restoration led us into the adventure of crowdfunding to restore an old navy cutter into a solar-powered sailboat.

From campaign strategy to communication activities

The goal of the Solar Retro Sailboat campaign was to fund the sailboat restoration. Our job was to plan and implement the campaign strategy, perks, visual identity design, and leading the promotion and communication activities - from public relations to social media management.

"Sailing is the poetry of movement"

We applied Rambo's unique style of expression to shape the campaign story on Indiegogo platform, where he described what would the boat restauration mean not only for him, but for the community as a whole. Our communication strategy focused on social media networks  and Rambo's more than 170,000 followers, and on personalized communication with bigger potential backers. Focusing primarily on the support of Rambo's audience and sympathizers in the region and beyond, the story of poetry and sailing raised $20,814, bringing Rambo's dream prototype to life and restoring an old sailboat to embark on new adventures.