Stonefish Hill

The challenge: This project brings many challenges. Instead of just talking about it, we decided to fight negative climate changes, use existing capacities and plant our own food. We also believe that tourism should make more sense instead of overloading popular places and destroying nature.

The process: At the beginning of 2019. we decided to face all these problems. We bought few hectar land on Vis island with a goal to build a sustainable eco village called Stonefish. We want to connect art and ecology, entrepreneurship and activism, bring back the meaning of tourism, offer a place to rest for climate activist and host green festivals and workshops.

The solution: Our eco village is in the process of growing, but since today we have built an observatory, volunteer camp, started an organic farm, open-air kitchen and woodworking workshop. Throughout time, Stonefish will shape in many ways and we are open to new ideas as long as they offer eco-friendly solutions and support sustainability.