TaqTaq Mobile Application

The TaqTaq application is being developed by the Slovenian ‘Zavod Podrast’ which entrusted us with creating its name and visual identity after having won the financial assistance from TechCamp Slovenia. We were delighted to start working on it and ended up creating a solution based on the main focus of the application — communication.

TaqTaq is an application for refugee children, but also for everyone wishing to start chatting in Slovenian as soon as possible — taqtaq meaning ‘to chat’ in Arabian. The name is easily understandable, international and can be pronounced easily in different languages. This opens up the possibility of it being used outside of Slovenia as well.

A Playful Solution

Chatting is also present in TaqTaq’s visual identity — the letter Q is depicted as a comic-like text cloud. The rounded shape of the visual solution also alludes to clay-like material which is used for tactile learning.

Since TaqTaq is primarily an application for children, the typography has been simplified as much as possible in order to be easily recognized by children of all ages. At the same time, it is easily understandable even in smaller sizes such as those usually used for application icons.

TaqTaq is an application for all people who wish to learn Slovenian, which is why a part of Slovenian culture is also present in its logo — its colors represent the Slovenian flag.