Taste of Home

When refugee crisis emerged in the fall of 2015, Taste of Home initiative caught the social momentum and launched their crowdfunding campaign for a kitchen run by asylum-seekers in Croatia.

Educating for successful crowdfunding campaigns

In collaboration with the Centre for Peace Studies, the initiative wanted to prompt integration of asylum-seekers in Croatia by giving them a chance to introduce the locals to their culture through food, and finding them a job in Croatia. The campaign Taste of Home: A Kitchen Run by Refugees was launched after the Taste of Home team finished their education on crowdfunding campaigns through Crowdfunding Academy, to become the first campaign that came out of the Crowdfunding Academy to successfully reach its goal.

Crowdfunding is more than just financial help

Besides educating the campaign team, we were involved in the campaign strategy and provided continuous support in promotional activities, focusing on the media relations during the campaign implementation. The campaign was funded with $19,649, which provided kitchen equipment and rental of space for the initiative. The campaign ensured more than that - the amazing media outreach attracted public attention, which secured catering engagements and further business development for this socially responsible company.