VR LAB Challenge

The challenge:

Raising the level of knowledge and the sources of funding for local initiatives. Marketing tools for high school students in Zadar. The problem was also to empower high school students to form business ideas combining tourism and technology and to present innovative technological ideas to children and young people.

The process: Creating and customizing financial and marketing education at high school age, conducting workshops, preparing candidates/ideas for the competition, preparing their pitches, hiring a moderator for the final event in Zadar, and developing a catalog of projects.

The solution: Through three educational modules (crowdfunding, social networks, presenting a business idea), high school students have acquired knowledge of project financing, marketing, and communications and presenting business ideas that do not have the opportunity to learn through formal education. The VR Challenge day was attended by VR content creation trainers who, after completing their education, were tasked with designing and presenting the entrepreneurial idea of ​​VR Marketing. After participating in the implementation of the competition, we summarized and summarized the ideas into a project catalog.