Give A Hack: Creative Marathon

Activists from civil initiatives do great things. But their work and their stories often remain invisible. Creatives have daily opportunities to influence public opinion. Yet, they rarely have a chance to use their knowledge and skills for achieving social change. GIVE A HACK connects creative and activist minds in order to hack impactful campaigns that are visible.

Free campaigns for eight socially beneficial projects

During the Give a Hack weekend, the teams made of nonprofit representatives and creative experts developed creative briefs and campaign content for selected social projects. The best projects were chosen through a public tender. At the end of the weekend we had eight projects from different areas - from supporting people with intellectual disabilities to struggle against AIDS-related stigmatization and discrimination.

Awards for VoxFeminae and Green Energy Cooperative

With the help of our mentors, experts in communication and design, teams of creatives and activists developed their creative ideas for two days. In the end of the Give a Hack weekend the best solutions were rewarded - the organization VoxFeminae won the jury's award for a campaign supporting LGBT rights in the workplace, and Green Energy Cooperative won the audience's award for the campaign for increasing citizen and institutions' participation in renewable energy projects.

The campaigns planned during the Give a Hack weekend are expected to launch during 2017.

GIVE A HACK is organised by Brodoto, a social enterprise specialised in accelerating social change, in partnership with the Croatian Independent Professionals Association, and with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Zagreb and Five agency.