Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention 2022

The Sixth Crowdfunding Convention is behind us! It is an understatement to say that we are happy! The wealth of information and knowledge shared will help many in the audience shine in their crowdfunding campaigns.

Panel moderatorMirela Džafić and guests: Ivan Nauković, Medvedgrad Brewery; Ana Teskera, Brlog; cooperative;Niko Klanšek, BizMe

So, let's sum up! What did the reward and equity crowdfunders have to say to others, what is the connection between the metaverse, blockchain, and crowdfunding; how to properly book donations from reward campaigns; what is the difference between crowdsourcing, crowd-lending, and crowdfunding, and how to best prepare for the launch of a campaign, and what does all this have to do with our personal life story, we learned from the keynote speakers, Nike Klanšek from BizMe; Chandler Copenhaver from What2Fund and other panelists: Ana Teskera (Brlog), Domagoj Boljar (Miret), Dean of RRiF, Dr. Đurđica Jurić and Professor Jasna Vuk from the same college, Sanja Ljubičić, banker and author of the GIRI social game for children and adults, Mladen Herceg from Make IT Easy, Vedran and Silvija Habel from "UNUO - Association of Teachers in Catering Education" who joined us from the highway to Rome, where they kicked off their campaign Amorova žlica.

Thank you all for your response and for sharing with us the challenges you faced, but also the unexpected rewards, the US Embassy for their support in the realization of the event, Zicer for their hospitality, Vendi Keserica for hosting the event. We also heard that Kickstarter, when deciding whether to expand the service to a particular country, looks at the quality and success of the campaigns, so... what are you waiting for? & don't forget, you can watch the whole convention online at